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Sharpshooter Drain Spade Set

Effortlessly Tackle Heavy-Duty Digging Tasks with Metal Concepts Sharpshooter Spade Shovel and Steel Digging Bar Combo - The Ultimate Solution for Drainage, Trenching, and More!

- Weighted handle: The 78-inch handle of the Metal Concepts Sharpshooter Spade Shovel is weighted, making it easier to use and less tiring on the arms and back. This also allows for greater leverage and control when digging.
- Precision: The 15-inch head of the shovel is designed for precision digging, allowing for greater accuracy when digging trenches or holes. This makes it an ideal tool for landscaping, gardening, or construction projects where precision is important.

The Metal Concepts Sharpshooter Spade Shovel is a must-have tool for any landscaping or gardening enthusiast. This 78-inch drain spade trenching shovel comes with a steel digging bar, making it a versatile tool for digging and trenching. The weighted long handle ensures that the shovel is easy to handle and maneuver, while the hardened chromoly 15-inch head provides durability and strength. Whether you're digging a trench for drainage or planting a new garden bed, the Sharpshooter Spade Shovel is up to the task. With its sharp, pointed blade, this shovel is perfect for cutting through tough soil and roots, making your digging tasks faster and easier. Invest in the Metal Concepts Sharpshooter Spade Shovel today and take your gardening game to the next level.