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Fiskars Steel Garden Spade

Revamp Your Garden with Fiskars Steel D-Handle Flat Square Garden Spade - The Ultimate Gardening Tool for Precision Edging, Digging, and Weed Removal!

- Versatile: The flat square design of the spade makes it versatile and suitable for a variety of gardening tasks, including edging, digging, and transplanting.
- Efficient: The 46-inch length of the spade allows for efficient digging and reaching deeper into the soil, making it easier to remove weeds and other unwanted plants from your garden.

The Fiskars Steel D-Handle Flat Square Garden Spade is a versatile and durable tool for all your gardening needs. With its flat square blade, it's perfect for edging, digging, and weed removal. The heavy-duty construction ensures that it can handle even the toughest soil and roots. The 46-inch length provides plenty of leverage for efficient digging and cutting. The black and orange design is both stylish and easy to spot in your garden or shed. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, the Fiskars Steel D-Handle Flat Square Garden Spade is a must-have tool for any outdoor project.